How often should I change the engine oil? What reason is the car oil light on?

Like the human body, a car is made up of various parts, "organs". The car is the same, properly maintained, can maintain normal operation, in order to efficiently complete its "mobility" mission.

Oil is an important part of automobile maintenance. It can lubricate the engine, reduce wear, prevent rust and corrosion, and is known as the "blood" of the automobile. Because of this, oil change is critical to the driving and longevity of a car.

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How often should I change the engine oil?

Automobile engine oil replacement cycle: general mineral oil can be changed every 5000 km, synthetic oil can be extended to 8000-10000 km replacement.

From the time of the car, half a year driving less than 5000 kilometers, half a year should also consider changing the oil. If the use of general oil, it is necessary to often check the quality of oil, oil lubrication is not good for the vehicle will be damaged.

When the oil is used for six months, check it once a month or before the car is run. Take some oil from the oil gauge to see the oil level and quality of the oil. Feel good to continue to use, poor quality will be replaced immediately, so that the degree of damage to the car will be reduced.

What reason is the car oil light on?

1.Insufficient oil quantity

The phenomenon of "oil burning", or normal oil loss, the pump oil amount of the oil pump is reduced due to the small amount of oil, and finally the drop in oil pressure leads to the alarm of the oil lamp.

2.Engine temperature is too high

Long time of intense driving makes the engine in a state of high temperature and high load. Although the amount of oil is enough, the temperature is too high to make the oil thin, and the loss from the clearance leads to the drop in oil pressure.

3.Oil pump damage

Oil pump parts due to wear, assembly gap is too large, abnormal work, oil pump does not produce oil or insufficient oil will make the oil lamp alarm.

4.Improper oil selection

The owner chooses the lower label, or the oil whose viscosity is inconsistent with the original oil, which will also cause oil leakage, resulting in insufficient oil pressure and alarm.

5.The fit gap between crankshaft size tile is improper

If there is an engine overhaul of the owner, should pay attention to whether the engine in the assembly of problems, assembly too tight will lead to oil pressure rise, too loose lead to pressure reduction.

For the fault of the oil light, it is necessary to repair it in time. Without finding out the reason, continuing to drive will make the engine cylinder, crankshaft wear and bite to death and other faults. At that time, it is necessary to overhaul the engine.

In addition, if the oil alarm light is red, it is not recommended to continue to drive the vehicle, because the oil pressure is insufficient, the effect of lubricating the engine will be lower and lower. If the engine continues to work at this time, it will cause the engine damage because of the lack of lubrication.

So when driving, if you see the engine oil red light alarm, the right way to deal with it is to immediately stop the vehicle in a safe place, turn off the vehicle, call the rescue phone, waiting for maintenance.

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