Characteristics and analysis of cylinder liner fault


The cylinder liner is an important spare part of the automobile engine. It is embedded in the cylinder of the cylinder block together with the piston and cylinder head to form a combustion chamber, which is the place where the automobile power is generated.

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Cylinder liner is short for cylinder liner, which is embedded in the cylinder of the cylinder block, together with the piston and cylinder head to form the combustion chamber.


Cylinder liner is divided into dry cylinder liner and wet cylinder liner two categories. The back does not contact the cooling water cylinder liner called dry cylinder liner, back and cooling water contact cylinder liner is wet cylinder liner. The dry cylinder liner has thin thickness, simple structure and convenient processing. The wet cylinder liner is directly in contact with the cooling water, so it is beneficial to the cooling of the engine and the lightweight of the engine.

Cylinder liner fault phenomenon

The inner wall of the cylinder liner is strained


The groove marks of uneven irregular edges appear in the cylinder liner, and sometimes the piston metal fused on the cylinder wall can be seen.

The reason:

1.Poor lubrication of cylinder

2.Not enough run-in

3.Poor cooling

4.The piston ring is not working properly

5.Burning poor quality fuel oil

Wet cylinder liner cracking

The reason:

1.From a living sierra cylinder.

2.Caused by severe cavitation erosion of cylinder liner.

3.Engine lack of coolant or in the engine is not cooled down to add coolant caused cylinder explosion.

4.Caused by an accidental fall.

Cylinder liner cavitation


Wet cylinder liner water jacket part of the dense holes or worm-like, groove like pits, serious holes through the cylinder wall and water leakage.

The reason:

1.Cylinder liner vibration: Cylinder liner vibration is the main cause of cavitation phenomenon.

2.Structure of cooling system: IN the open cooling system, there is often no temperature regulator. The water temperature entering the diesel engine changes dramatically with the different working environment conditions and seasons.

3.Coolant characteristics: the coolant is frequently replaced or the coolant is not treated. Cavitation damage is accelerated because the coolant contains a large amount of air. Too low or too high coolant temperature can also cause cavitation breakage.

4.The thermostat or radiator cover fails.

Cylinder liner wear


In the short term, there are obvious steps at the top dead center of cylinder liner

The reason:

1.Dust into the cylinder or carbon deposition serious.

2.The engine was not burning properly and working rough.

3.Overspeed and overload, engine overheating.

4.Lack of oil or oil of bad quality.

5.Idle for long periods of time.

6.The fuel is high in corrosive substances such as sulfur.

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