An article to understand the classification of car engines


People often compare the engine of a car to the heart of an adult. It can be seen from this that the engine is the most indispensable part of the car, so the daily maintenance of the car engine is very important

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Car engines are often compared to the heart of an adult

It can be seen how important it is to the car


Engine is a machine that converts other forms of energy into mechanical energy

For example, a gasoline engine converts chemical energy into mechanical energy.

This is like eating a few steamed buns and having the strength to work

But the same is to eat steamed bread, gasoline engines are also divided into many categories, just like people are tall, short, fat and thin.

By piston movement

The engine is divided into two types: reciprocating piston type and rotary piston type

Among them, the reciprocating piston engine has high efficiency, small size, light weight and high power, and is widely used as vehicle power.

Rotary piston engine also known as rotary engine

It has high power, low vibration, stable operation, simple and light structure

But it is generally only suitable for high speed

and poor fuel economy and low speed performance

Therefore, it has not been widely used

According to the arrangement of cylinders, it is divided into:

Inline engine

Compact size, high stability, good low-speed torque characteristics, low fuel consumption, low manufacturing cost

Horizontally opposed engine

The center of gravity is low, the vehicle is more stable, but the cost is high


Small height and length for easy layout

It can also offset the vibration during operation, making it more stable

W type engine

Save the space occupied by the engine and light weight

The most widely used in-line engine

By air intake

Engines can be divided into

Naturally aspirated and supercharged engines

Naturally aspirated engine

means that the air passes through

Air Filter → Throttle Valve → Intake Manifold

Reach the cylinder

A supercharged engine is one that will enter the engine cylinders

Air or combustible gas mixture is compressed and then cooled to increase density

In order to improve the engine power, improve the specific power

Improve fuel economy and more

simply put

Naturally aspirated engine allows people to breathe freely

The supercharged engine is artificial respiration

Both engines are widely used

But like artificial respiration, although it's cool

But usually never

Therefore, although there is a lot of publicity for supercharged engines

The ones that sell a lot are still models with naturally aspirated engines

More than 100 years after the invention of the automobile

It is because of the continuous innovation of technology stable and rapid development

Advances in engine technology

The growth of the human mind

It is a sign of a more mature product

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