How many parts are in the Full Gasket? What is the cause of the engine Full Gasket?


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1. 1D cylinder gasket adopts Japanese V-T technology and 304 metal composite material, original Taiwan, high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life.

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How many parts are in the Full Gasket? What is the cause of the engine Full Gasket?
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Speaking of engine overhaul package, it is not strange for auto parts. There are a lot of parts in the overhaul bag, what does it matter what they're called?

The Full Gasket includes cylinder gaskets and all kinds of oil seals, valve chamber cover gaskets, valve oil seals and gaskets

Valve chamber cover pad

Of all the engine pads, the valve chamber cover is the most prone to oil leakage. Its location is the sealing pad between the valve chamber cover and the cylinder head (cylinder head). Under normal circumstances, the reason for oil leakage of valve chamber gasket is aging rubber and lax sealing. So the quality of rubber determines the comprehensive performance of the valve chamber cover pad.

Cylinder head gasket

The cylinder pad is located between the cylinder head and block. Its function is to fill the micro pores between the cylinder block and the cylinder head, the current application is more asbestos cylinder pad and metal cylinder pad.

Inlet gasket

The engine intake system communicates with the outside air, and the temperature is very low. So the air intake mat is made of rubber material. Under normal circumstances, it is not easy to leak.

Exhaus gasket

The engine's exhaust temperature is so high that the exhaust manifold mat is no longer rubber, but heat-resistant asbestos with a metal surface.

The crankshaft oil sea

Installation of crankshaft oil seal timing gear installed at the front end of the crankshaft, flywheel installed at the rear end. Since the flywheel is held in place by screws, the timing gear is attached to the crankshaft. So the crankshaft front oil seal is small, the rear oil seal is large.

Valve seal

Valve oil seal is used to seal the valve guide rod of an engine. The role of valve oil seal is to prevent oil from entering the exhaust pipe, resulting in oil loss, to prevent the mixture of gasoline and air and exhaust gas leakage, to prevent engine oil from entering the combustion chamber. The valve oil seal is in contact with gasoline and oil at high temperature, so it needs to use materials with good heat resistance and oil resistance, generally made of fluorine rubber.


Engine gasket is mainly used for engine iron pipe connection, oil pipe connection, formal cover, to provide sealing function. Basically have warm asbestos kind, metal adds asbestos kind.

Rubber parts and circular gaskets

Rubber parts and O-ring are mainly used for sealing of engine body waterway and oil channel. It also includes intake manifold sealing ring, thermostat sealing ring and so on. It is made of rubber material and provides sealing effect for engine effectively. The circular gasket is made of metal. Mainly used in exhaust system.

The reasons for engine overhaul are as follows:

1. dynamic performance, rationality reduced; For example, the vehicle is unable to drive, engine oil consumption is too high, gasoline consumption is too high;

2. Abnormal engine sound; Such as piston pin, connecting rod tile abnormal sound;

3. the engine oil pressure is too low, often alarm; In general, the engine must take good care of, regularly to the qualified service shop to do maintenance, this will give you reduce trouble, prolong the service cycle of the engine.

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