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Guangzhou, China(Mainland)
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1 Years
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5-7 days
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1D;ONE Best Quality Professional Best Quality PISTON Factory manufacturers Factory,Facility & certificates: equipped world-leading Bosch/Siemens machines

1D;ONE Professional Best Quality PISTON Factory manufacturers,Japan NPR  technology and 170 qualify trained technicians, CCIP coating, ISO/TSl6949-2002,ISO-2015 approved ect.

1D Best Quality PISTON Factory,Facility & certificates: equipped world-leading Bosch/Siemens machines

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The whole piston can be divided into three parts: piston crown, piston head and piston skirt.

The main function of the piston is to bear the combustion pressure in the cylinder and transmit this force to the crankshaft through the piston pin and connecting rod. In addition, the piston forms a combustion chamber together with the cylinder head and cylinder wall.

The piston top is an integral part of the combustion chamber, so it is often made into different shapes. The piston top of gasoline engine mostly adopts flat top or concave top, so as to make the combustion chamber compact, small heat dissipation area and simple manufacturing process. Convex piston is often used in two stroke gasoline engine. The piston crown of diesel engine is often made into various pits.

The piston head is the part above the piston pin seat. The piston ring is installed on the piston head to prevent high-temperature and high-pressure gas from channeling into the crankcase and engine oil from channeling into the combustion chamber; Most of the heat absorbed by the piston top is also transmitted to the cylinder through the piston head, and then transmitted through the cooling medium.

The piston head is machined with several ring grooves for installing the piston ring. The number of piston rings depends on the sealing requirements, which is related to the engine speed and cylinder pressure. The number of rings of high-speed engine is less than that of low-speed engine, and the number of rings of gasoline engine is less than that of diesel engine. General gasoline engine adopts 2 gas rings and 1 oil ring; The diesel engine has 3 gas rings and 1 oil ring; The low-speed diesel engine adopts 3 ~ 4 gas rings. In order to reduce friction loss, the height of the ring belt shall be reduced as far as possible, and the number of rings shall be reduced under the condition of ensuring sealing.

All parts below the piston ring groove are called piston skirts. Its function is to guide the piston to make reciprocating motion in the cylinder and bear side pressure. When the engine is working, the piston will be bent and deformed due to the action of gas pressure in the cylinder. After the piston is heated, due to the large amount of metal at the piston pin, its expansion is greater than that at other places. In addition, the piston will also produce extrusion deformation under the action of side pressure. As a result of the above deformation, the section of the piston skirt becomes an ellipse of the long axis in the direction of the piston pin. In addition, due to the uneven distribution of temperature and mass along the axis of the piston, the thermal expansion of each section is large at the top and small at the bottom

Product Parameters
Brand Name
Place of Origin
Guangzhou, China(Mainland)
Standard Size
1 Years
Date of shipment
5-7 days
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Technical requirements for piston

1. It shall have sufficient strength, stiffness, small mass and light weight to ensure the minimum inertial force.

2. Good thermal conductivity, high temperature, high pressure and corrosion resistance, sufficient heat dissipation capacity and small heating area.

3. There should be a small friction coefficient between the piston and the piston wall.

4. When the temperature changes, the change of size and shape shall be small, and the minimum clearance with the cylinder wall shall be maintained.                                      

5. It has small coefficient of thermal expansion and specific gravity, and has good antifriction and thermal strength. 

Piston classification

Because the piston of internal combustion engine works under the conditions of high temperature, high pressure and high load, the requirements for the piston are relatively high. Therefore, this paper mainly discusses the classification of internal combustion engine piston.

1. According to the fuel used, it can be divided into gasoline engine piston, diesel engine piston and natural gas piston.

2. According to the materials used to manufacture the piston, it can be divided into cast iron piston, steel piston, aluminum alloy piston and combined piston.

3. According to the process of manufacturing piston blank, it can be divided into gravity casting piston, squeeze casting piston and forging piston.

4. According to the working condition of the piston, it can be divided into two categories: non pressurized piston and pressurized piston.

5. According to the purpose of piston, it can be divided into car piston, truck piston, motorcycle piston, marine piston, tank piston, tractor piston, lawn mower piston, etc.

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what's your brand and your quality
our brand is Taiwan brand ,1D
What is gasket in engine?
The head gasket is compressed between the engine block and the cylinder head. The head gasket seals in the internal combustion process and also keeps coolant and oil from mixing together as the two fluids travel from the engine block to the cylinder head.
What are the rings on a piston?
Simply put, piston rings form a seal between the piston and cylinder wall, which prevents pressurized combustion gases from entering the oil sump. They also regulate oil consumption by preventing excessive oil from entering the combustion chamber and burning.
How long will an engine run without oil?
around 15 minutes.
What happens if engine oil is low?
It's usually noticed if your coolant is low, but low oil can also cause the engine to overheat. This can occur even if your coolant level is fine. If there is too little oil in the engine, it will continue to heat up because it has no opportunity to cool.
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    Middle East,Hong Kong and Macao and Taiwan
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We, 1D AUTO PARTS CO., LTD. started in the years 2012, are one of the foremost manufacturers of an extensive array of Auto Parts. Our offered range consists of best grade Engine gasket. All offered ranges are made by standards of quality. Our offered products are highly admired for their easy to use, high performance, low maintenance, and longer service life. Apart from this, one can avail this Auto Parts within a limited period of time at reasonable prices. We have backed by an advance infrastructural unit which is equipped with the latest machinery and ultra-modern technology. To stimulate the growth of an organization, it is necessary to improve the quality of the offered products. Therefore we keep upgrading our infrastructural as per the latest technology and development in the industry.
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IATF 16949
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IATF 16949
Issue by:Intertek
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