Engine oil pressure is too low, may be caused by these reasons.

When the vehicle engine is working, the normal oil pressure must be maintained.

When the oil pressure is insufficient, the light may affect the vehicle power system, increase fuel consumption, and the heavy may cause mechanical damage to the connecting parts.

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What are the causes of low oil pressure?

01)Oil quantity and quality do not meet the requirements

First of all, the normal consumption of engine oil caused by too little oil stock, will cause oil pressure is too low.

At this point, add the right amount of oil can restore the normal pressure.

In addition, oil deterioration, viscosity decline, or mixed with moisture, dust and other impurities, will cause oil pressure is too low or no pressure, then you need to change the oil.

02)Oil The oil line is blocked

The oil filter is located between the oil pump and the main oil passage. If the oil filter is too dirty, the oil circuit is not smooth, it will also cause the oil pressure alarm light on.

If the oil filter is found to be clogged with impurities, replace the oil filter immediately.

03)Oil line leak

Automobile oil tubing oil leakage, oil pump damage or its parts wear exceed the standard will lead to oil inhalation, pump volume reduction, resulting in low oil pressure.

In addition, the spring elasticity of pressure limiting valve and oil return valve is weakened and broken, or the valve joint surface is not tightly sealed, which will lead to oil leakage and pressure relief, and the engine needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

04)Oil sensing plug failed

The oil sensing plug can signal the oil pressure alarm lamp in case of insufficient oil pressure. If the oil sensing plug fails, it is likely to misjudge the oil pressure.

In addition, oil pressure alarm lamp or circuit failure will also lead to oil pressure is too low, it is necessary to check the oil induction plug, oil pressure alarm lamp or circuit in time.

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