How often are the spark plugs replaced?

◆Cars run on the road every day, wear and tear is relatively serious, some parts have to be replaced every once in a while.

◆Spark plug is the most important part of car ignition, spark plug quality directly determines whether the car can be ignited.

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How often should the spark plug be changed?

The service life of spark plugs is affected by the material. The use time of spark plugs with different materials is also different. Some need to be replaced with twenty or thirty thousand kilometers, and some can be replaced with fifty or sixty thousand kilometers.

Depending on the electrode, the common spark plugs on the market are made of four main materials: copper, nickel alloy, platinum and iridium.

▶Copper core material spark plug is one of the most common, its life is also the shortest, generally 15,000 kilometers about 20,000 kilometers to be replaced once.

▶The nickel alloy spark plug is better than the copper core spark plug, its replacement cycle is 20,000 km to 30,000 km.

▶The durability of the platinum spark plug is relatively strong. The price of this kind of spark plug is more expensive than the first two, and the cycle of use is relatively long. Generally, this kind of spark plug can be replaced once after 40000 ~ 50000 kilometers.

▶Iridium spark plug is the top material of these spark plugs, its service life is very long, if the car is more care about, can be replaced about 80,000 kilometers.

When it comes to the maintenance of the car, the staff of the garage will suggest the replacement of the spark plug. You can choose the material of the spark plug according to yourself.

When the spark plug needs to be replaced, there are several obvious symptoms that occur.

①The fuel consumption of the car suddenly increased, but the power decreased

The fuel consumption of the car is basically a relatively stable state.

If the fuel consumption suddenly appears a large fluctuation, the other parts of the car have been checked without problems, then it is necessary to check the spark plug.

Spark plug is a wear part, its failure probability is relatively large. If your car's gas mileage suddenly increases, it's probably a spark plug problem.

②The body of the car appears regular shaking

At idle, the car will shake more or less, but it is not obvious.

If the car wobbles intermittently and makes a sound like tight breathing, it indicates that the spark plug is faulty.

③The cold car is difficult to start, and the car will automatically stall at idle

The spark plug work also needs to have the appropriate temperature, once the temperature can not reach, the spark plug has no way to normally jump fire.

Generally speaking, when the engine is working, the temperature of the insulator skirt of the spark plug should be maintained at 500~600℃. If it is lower than this temperature, the spark plug will not be able to jump fire. If it is higher than this temperature, it will easily lead to spontaneous combustion of the engine.

When the spark plug fails, the car will have trouble starting in the cold condition.

It takes a lot of trying to start a fire, and once you stop at a red light in the middle of the road, the car might stall again, making it very difficult to start it again.

④When driving at low speeds, the body will have a noticeable slump

When the spark plug is broken, it will be difficult to feed the fuel. 

When the speed is between 30 and 50 kilometers per hour, the vehicle will walk for a while, there is a significant forward feeling, and the person sitting in the car will be shaken very uncomfortable.

If the car appears above 4 kinds of symptoms, it means that the car spark plug has appeared damage, these symptoms are the car to release the signal to you, once such a problem is suggested to replace immediately.

Although the spark plug is insignificant, but the role is very important. If it is in the fault state for a long time, the light will lead to the car can not catch fire, and the heavy may cause spontaneous combustion

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