What is the cause of the engine valve that keeps ringing?

What is valve ringing?

After the vehicle starts, the engine makes a rhythmic "da da da" sound similar to metal percussion, which increases with the speed of the engine.

Under normal circumstances, the engine is not a long time to make this noise, most are in the cold start after a short time sound, then slowly disappear, this is the valve ring.

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What causes the valve to sound?

▶The main reason for the valve ring is because the gap between the engine valve mechanism is produced, most of which is due to the wear or gap adjustment failure of the parts, such as camshaft, rocker arm, hydraulic top column wear.

▶Too large valve clearance, in addition to starting the car (more obvious when the cold car) sound, there are other disadvantages.

Such as: the valve lift is insufficient, the intake is not sufficient, the exhaust is not complete, the engine power is reduced and the fuel consumption is higher.

▶Because each model is different, the clearance requirements for the valve are also different. Generally, the normal clearance of the intake valve is between 15 and 20 filaments, and the normal clearance of the exhaust valve is between 25 and 35 filaments.

What is the relationship between valve noise and oil?

Because the hydraulic top column automatically adjusts the clearance function depends on the oil pressure to achieve, so the valve sound and the oil has a direct relationship.

That is, of course, if the engine doesn't wear out.

1) Low oil pressure or insufficient oil

Low oil pressure, valve chamber lubrication is not in place; Or insufficient oil, air into the oil passage hydraulic top column gap, will cause the valve ring.

2)Air enters the oil channel during maintenance

In fact, this situation is normal, because in the process of oil discharge, the oil in the oil channel is emptied, the air may enter the oil channel and cause the valve ring, and the air will be discharged after running for a period of time, and the valve ring will disappear.

3)The engine accumulates more carbon

After the engine is used for a period of time, carbon will accumulate inside.

When carbon accumulation to a certain extent, it may block the oil passage, resulting in the failure of the hydraulic top column automatic clearance function, resulting in valve sound.

How do I avoid valve rattling?

▶Avoid valve ring is actually very simple, the owner only in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer on time maintenance, prevent engine wear, can effectively reduce the occurrence of this situation.

▶There is also a very important point, we must choose the right engine grade and viscosity of the car engine oil, do not blindly pursue high-end and low viscosity oil.

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