How important is the oil pump?

Oil pump is an essential component for normal engine operation. The function of the oil pump is to send the oil in the oil pan to the oil filter and the lubricating oil channel after pressurization, in order to lubricate the main moving parts of the engine, and make the oil filtered.

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When the engine is working, the oil pump is constantly working, so as to ensure that the oil is constantly circulating in the lubricating oil circuit.

Under various working conditions of the engine, the oil pump should ensure the supply of enough lubricating oil. Because the speed of the oil pump is proportional to the engine speed, the oil supply capacity of the oil pump is the worst when the speed is low.

So LIugong in the design of the oil pump fully considered that it has enough fuel supply at low speed.

The oil pump is mainly composed of transmission gear, pump body, outer rotor, inner rotor, driving shaft, pump cover and pressure limiting valve.

The working principle of

▶When the engine is working, the timing gear of the crankshaft rotates with the motor oil pump. The rotor teeth are designed so that the gear lines are always in point contact with each other when the rotor is turned to any position.

▶In this way, the inner and outer rotor will form a closed cavity, when from the inlet to the past, volume increases, vacuum, lubricating oil will be inhaled by the inlet; When the cavity of the suction lubricating oil is connected with the oil outlet, the volume in the cavity decreases, the oil pressure increases, and the lubricating oil is pressed out from the oil outlet.

▶The engine runs continuously, the oil pump also runs continuously, forcing the lubricating oil to cycle according to the prescribed path; When the pressure of the oil pump is too high or too small, the pressure limiting valve will open or close.

Technical advantages

▶1D oil pump has compact structure and large oil suction vacuum, providing stable and reliable oil supply demand for equipment.

▶1D oil pump has a large volume of oil and a uniform flow rate, providing the highest efficiency, leading the industry in the same level of products.

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