7 signs you need to replace the spark plug

The spark plug is responsible for generating electricity that ignites the air-fuel mixture in the vehicle's internal combustion engine, thus starting your car. The stopper moves the piston of the engine and continues to provide power to keep your vehicle on the road.

Proper and timely maintenance can not only extend the service life of a car, but also create a better driving experience.

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7 signs you need to replace the spark plug

01)The car is hard to start

The battery is often blamed as the culprit for a vehicle not starting. However, spark plugs can just as easily be the cause.

Your car’s engine needs to work harder to compensate for worn or clogged spark plugs. It may be challenging to start your vehicle if the weather conditions are harsh. In that case, there’s not enough spark to turn the engine over.

02)Engine misfire

There may be other reasons for engine misfires, such as a bad ignition coil plug cover or poor fuel quality. However, a fire is usually the result of at least one frayed spark plug.

You'll notice that the engine starts to slow down and then picks up again. You may also hear the engine popping as it loses and regains positive time. When a vehicle catches fire, it sends raw fuel into the exhaust, ultimately damaging the catalytic converter.

03)More frequent trips to the gas station

A worn spark plug will put extra work into your engine. Essentially, they "don't burn fuel efficiently" in the combustion chamber, making you pay more for fuel at a faster rate.

04)The engine idling is rough and noisy

If you notice knocking or rattling noises coming from your engine, it’s time to get the spark plugs checked. Even without the stress of a moving motor vehicle, old spark plugs can lead to a stationary yet noisy car.

05)Car hard to accelerate

A worn spark plug is no longer effective at creating the spark necessary to ignite the fuel-air mixture in the combustion chamber. One of the most prominent places you’ll see this lack of energy is when the car struggles to accelerate properly.

06)The engine is loud in normal driving

Whether you drive a vehicle with a four -, six -, or eight-cylinder engine, you will notice at least one spark plug failing due to noise. Reducing the efficiency of one cylinder causes the others to overwork and can produce strange noises such as squawks when driving.

07)The "check engine" light is on

Even if you forget to check your vehicle for regular maintenance, its systems are fine-tuned to alert you to potential problems. Check the engine light.

How often should you replace the spark plug?

The good news is that even with nichrome plugs, you only need to replace them every 20,000 to 30,000 miles. Iridium spark plugs, on the other hand, can take you over 100,000 miles.

The cost of replacing the spark plug varies depending on the age and model of your vehicle, and can add to the cost if you need to hire a professional to replace the spark plug.

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