5 Signs a Head Gasket burst and how to prevent it from happening.

Headshot washers are bad news. Very bad news. If you think yours is running, you need immediate attention.

Cylinder head washers can fail in about seven slightly different ways, all of which are bad news for the engine. 

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Often, when the head and engine consume at different rates, the head gasket will fail and the gasket will not seal the newly expanded clearance.

The problem is made worse on some motors with iron blocks and aluminum heads. While some motors are just designed with poor head bolt clamping force, or the head is prone to warping and is known for failure.

Once the cylinder head washer fails, it can cause a variety of problems, including:


Cylinder head gasket failure can be caused by an engine overheating too many times (due to blocked radiators, coolant leaks, fan failures, etc.), but a burned out cylinder head gasket can also cause an engine to overheat.

The hot exhaust may leak into the cooling system, or the coolant may leak into the cylinders and burn off as steam, either way eventually causing the engine to overheat.


If the cylinder head washer fails in a way that allows compressed air/fuel to escape, the compression of that cylinder is reduced.

This compression loss causes the engine to run unsmoothly and the engine power is significantly reduced. This failure is usually accompanied by a sound similar to an exhaust leak.


One of the most well-known signs of cylinder head washer failure is milky sludge on the underside of the fuel filler cap or on the dipstick, which is caused by coolant entering the oil, and vice versa.

While this is not conclusive evidence of cylinder head gasket failure, it is usually a good indicator and a clear sign that your engine needs to be taken apart to find the source of contamination.


Defective cylinder head washers often cause large clouds of sweet-smelling white smoke to come out of the exhaust pipe.

This is caused by the antifreeze leaking through the gasket and into the cylinder, where it turns into steam during combustion. Less common but still possible is leakage from the oil passage into the cylinder, which can cause blue smoke.


If the cylinder head gasket between the water or oil passage and the outside of the engine fails, the result may be a simple coolant or oil leak.

This is the least scary version of a headshot washer, but it's still serious.


※When it comes to cylinder pads, a few dollars of prevention is far better than a few thousand dollars of cure. Replacing cylinder head gaskets itself is not expensive, but the repair work is very labor-intensive, which adds significantly to the cost of repair, especially in modern cars.


※Cylinder cover failure is usually caused by repeated overheating, or continuing to drive after the car has overheated, so the best way to prevent cylinder cover failure is to make sure your cooling system is in good condition. If your car does begin to boil, stop, let it cool for at least an hour, and fill the radiator with water before continuing.


※Checking the cooling system is easy: make sure there are no leaks, the radiator is working effectively, the thermostat is on properly, and the coolant is topped up to the correct level. Also make sure the fan (mechanical or electric) is working, has all the blades, and has a guard around it for efficiency.


※If you suspect a failure of the cylinder head gasket, the scientific test is to check the combustion gas in the cooling system. This test will show whether compression has leaked into the cooling system and therefore whether the head pad has blown. The old mechanic's trick was to remove the radiator cap, start the car and look for air bubbles in the coolant.

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