What Are Piston Rings?

Piston rings are metal rings used to insert the piston groove inside, piston rings are divided into two kinds: compression ring and oil ring.

The compression ring can be used to seal the combustible mixture gas in the combustion chamber; The oil ring is used to scrape excess oil from the cylinder.

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▶What Are Piston Rings?

The piston ring seals the combustion chamber to keep the combustion gas in and the oil out.

In short, the piston ring forms a seal between the piston and the cylinder wall, preventing pressurized combustion gas from entering the oil pan.

They also regulate oil consumption by preventing too much oil from entering the combustion chamber and burning. A properly functioning ring is essential for maximum engine power and efficiency.

▶What does a piston ring do?

Most stock car pistons have three rings, as shown here in the new car piston.

●The top ring and the second ring are responsible for pressing tightly against the cylinder wall and sealing the combustion chamber to allow combustion gas to enter and exhaust the oil.

●The oil ring scrapes oil off the cylinder wall as it goes down the cylinder and returns it to the oil pan. Some oil combustion is normal during combustion because of the extremely thin oil film lubricating ring/cylinder wall interface. What constitutes "normal" fuel consumption, however, depends on the engine.

When a good piston ring goes bad

●Worn rings create a gap between the torus and the cylinder wall.

●During combustion, the pressurized gas that pushes the piston down the cylinder and turns the crankshaft can be blown through the piston and down the cylinder wall and into the oil pan, resulting in horsepower and efficiency.

Leaks can also contaminate the oil, reducing its performance and service life.

Blue smoke, hard starts and power loss

●The negative effects of a bad piston ring are often easily noticed, with excessive oil consumption causing billowing blue smoke from the exhaust pipe.

This is especially true when the engine is not warm and the piston rings have expanded in the cylinders. Burning oil also means you need to refill your oil more frequently.

●Frayed or stuck rings can also cause difficulty starting and reduced horsepower.

●As the engine turns, the piston compresses the fuel/air mixture before burning.

However, a bad ring will allow some fuel/air to escape from the combustion chamber, effectively reducing engine compression and making it harder to start the engine. Once it's up and running, the reduced compression takes power away from your engine.

How is prevention crucial

●Rings that protect against wear and snagging are essential to maximize engine power, efficiency and longevity.

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