What are the causes of abnormal engine oil pressure?

When the engine is working, it must maintain normal oil pressure. If the engine oil pressure is too high or too low, it will cause different degrees of damage to the engine.

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Engine oil pressure is too low

▶Hazards of low oil pressure

Too low oil pressure will aggravate the abnormal wear and tear of engine internal components, abnormal sound, resulting in component damage, engine overheating and so on.

Low oil pressure will lead to the engine internal bearing lock, piston ablation, mechanical components can not be used normally, leading to engine burn damage.

▶Cause of low oil pressure

①Insufficient oil

The amount of engine oil is insufficient, the oil level in the oil pan is low, and the oil suction in the oil pump is less, which will lead to the oil pressure drop in the lubrication system, or even no pressure.

It may also be that the oil pressure is normal when the engine starts, but after running for a period of time, due to the lack of oil, the oil pump will be insufficient and the oil pressure is low.

②Oil viscosity decreases

When the internal friction resistance of oil flow is small, its fluidity is good. On the contrary, when the internal friction resistance of oil flow is large, its fluidity is poor, so viscosity is the most important measure of oil quality.

If the oil viscosity is reduced, the oil pressure is also decreased, the oil is too thin or caused by the engine temperature is high, the oil will leak from the friction gap of the engine, resulting in the oil pressure reduction.

③Poor performance of oil pump

The oil pump is the power source of the lubrication system. The wear and tear of the gear inside the oil pump, too large clearance or stuck, will lead to the reduction of the oil in the oil pump or the non-pumping oil, which directly leads to the low oil pressure.

It is also possible that the oil pump pressure limiting valve spring is improperly adjusted, the elastic force is reduced, and the oil pressure is low at high speed.

④The oil filter is blocked

The purpose of the oil filter is to further filter out small mechanical impurities. When used for a long time, the mechanical impurities are filtered out on the filter element. With the extension of time, the quality of mechanical impurities in the outer area of the filter element increases, blocking the flow channel of lubricating oil, resulting in the decrease of oil pressure.

⑤Other reasons

Pressure limiting valve setting pressure is too low or closed loosely, crankshaft or camshaft journal due to wear with too large clearance, resulting in the increase of the leakage of lubrication system, the oil pressure in the system will decrease with the increase of leakage, oil filter blocking, oil pipe rupture, joint sealing will also cause the phenomenon of oil pump suction or insufficient oil suction.

Engine oil pressure is too high

▶The hazards of excessive oil pressure

High oil pressure is likely to represent a blockage in the engine oil passage, affecting the oil velocity and flow rate. Oil channel blockage, the most direct consequence, is to cause the mechanical parts after the blockage point loss of lubrication, serious wear.

At the same time, the oil should also assume the responsibility for the internal heat dissipation of the engine, so when the oil channel is blocked, the heat dissipation effect of the engine will become worse. In addition, the pressure of the lubrication system is too high, and it is easy to cause the surrounding oil seal can not bear the pressure and leakage.

▶Cause of excessive oil pressure

①Bypass valve failed

In order to prevent the engine parts from losing lubrication due to the blockage of the oil filter element, the filter is provided with a bypass valve inside the filter or on the filter seat.

If the filter is blocked due to overdue use and not replaced, when the oil pressure is too large, the bypass valve in the filter will open, and the oil will enter the engine oil channel without filtering.

Therefore, if the oil bypass valve is damaged, or the use of poor quality filter without bypass valve, filter paper clogging is easy to cause high oil pressure.

②The oil is dirty or viscous

If the oil is not replaced for a long time, it carries a lot of metal chips and carbon and other impurities inside, and the fluidity is poor, it may make the oil pressure rise.

In addition, if the oil viscosity label is too high, the slow flow rate of the oil may also cause the oil pressure to rise.

③Oil pump pressure limiting valve stuck

In order to make the oil pressure more stable, the oil pump will set a limited pressure valve, when the oil pressure is higher than the standard value, the pressure limiting valve will open, the oil will flow back into the oil pan. Therefore, if the valve is stuck and the oil pressure cannot drive it to open, the oil pressure may be too high.

④Other reasons

Causes of excessive oil pressure are also, crankcase ventilation valve damage, resulting in excessive pressure in the crankcase;

Oil passage is blocked by sludge, coking oil or metal debris;

The clearance of main bearing or connecting rod bearing and other pressure lubricating parts is too small, affecting the flow of lubricating oil;

Oil pressure sensor signal error.

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