Causes of cylinder liner wear in automobiles

Engine cylinder liner and piston ring are a pair of friction pairs operating under high temperature, high pressure, alternating loads and corrosion.

Working in complex and changeable conditions for a long time results in cylinder liner wear and deformation, which affects the power, economy and service life of the engine.

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●Cause analysis of cylinder liner wear

The working environment of the cylinder liner is very bad, and there are many reasons for wear.

Normal wear is usually allowed for structural reasons, but improper use and maintenance will result in abnormal wear.

01)Wear due to structural causes

▶The lubrication condition is not good, so that the upper part of the cylinder liner wear seriously. The upper part of the cylinder liner is adjacent to the combustion chamber, the temperature is very high and the lubrication condition is very poor.

▶The upper part of the pressure is large, so that the cylinder wear is heavy under light.

▶Mineral and organic acids corrode the surface of the cylinder.

▶Into the mechanical impurities, so that the middle of the cylinder wear.

02)Wear and tear caused by improper use

▶The filter effect of lubricating oil filter is poor.

▶Low filtration efficiency of air filter.

▶Long time low temperature operation.

▶Poor quality lubricants are often used.

03)Wear and tear caused by improper maintenance

The cylinder liner is improperly installed.

The copper sleeve hole of the connecting rod is skewed.

The connecting rod is bent out of shape.

The crankshaft connecting rod journal and the main shaft journal are not parallel.

04)Measures to reduce cylinder liner wear

▶Start and start correctly.

▶Choose lubricating oil correctly.

▶Strengthen the maintenance of the filter.

▶Maintain normal engine operating temperature.

▶Improve warranty quality.

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