What is the cause of diesel engine cylinder gasket burn?

The cylinder pad is an elastic sealing gasket installed between the cylinder head and the body joint surface. Its function is to prevent engine air leakage and water leakage.


The cylinder pad is in direct contact with high temperature, high pressure gas and coolant, which is easy to be burned out in tractor use, especially around the cylinder head roll.


When the cylinder pad burns, there will be air leakage and water leakage at the bottom plane of the cylinder cover, and the engine will be overheated and the operation will be weak. The cylinder liner will be deformed and the water resistance ring of the cylinder liner will be damaged if it is not found and treated in time.

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❶ External failure manifestation

There is oil flower in the cooling tank, water in the oil pan oil, exhaust pipe drainage or oil discharge, cylinder compression force is insufficient.

The body temperature is normal, but the cooling water boiling pot, sometimes sharply from the water tank cover hole hot air. 

▶The specific performance is as follows:

(1) When the burnt part is between the two cylinders, the two cylinders channeling gas and the pressure is insufficient. Working smoke, speed down, diesel engine weak.

(2) When the burnt part makes the cylinder communicated with the cooling water, bubbles bubble up in the water tank, or even boil the pot; Exhaust pipe white smoke, even drainage, stop a little longer there is water in the oil pan, the oil level rises.

(3) When the burned out part makes the cylinder communicate with the lubricating oil hole on the plane of the body, the gas enters the lubrication system, the oil temperature rises, the oil deteriorates, and even the exhaust pipe exhausts the oil.

(4) When the burned part is communicated with the cylinder head bolt hole or the edge of the cylinder head, there is light yellow foam at the air leakage, and there is air leakage sound in serious cases, and sometimes there is oil leakage and water leakage. There is carbon deposit on the cylinder head and bolt hole.

❶Fault cause analysis

(1) The cylinder cover insert protrudes too much from the plane under the cylinder head.

(2) Cylinder liner protrusion plane is too high or the protrusion quantity of each cylinder is inconsistent.

(3) Cylinder head nut not tightened as required.

(4) The upper plane of the body or the lower plane of the cylinder head is warped.

(5) Cylinder pad quality is poor, can not play the role of sealing.

❶Failure handling method

(1) When the combustion chamber insert protrude too much out of the cylinder head plane, it is strictly prohibited to increase the torque of the tightening cylinder head nut.

(2) Pull out the cylinder liner that protrude too much or is lower than the body plane and reinstall it.

(3) Tighten the cylinder head nut according to the prescribed torque and sequence.

(4) Repair the cylinder head or body, so that the surface roughness meets the requirements.

(5) In order to ensure the sealing quality, the selected cylinder pad must be the same size and thickness as the original cylinder, the surface should be smooth, the edge should be firmly bonded, and there is no scratch, sag, zou and rust phenomenon.

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