How to prevent engine cylinder liner wear?

How to effectively prevent engine cylinder liner wear and corrosion problems?

 The correct method can extend the life of engine cylinder liner.

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1.Start and start correctly

▶When the engine starts, due to the low temperature, large oil viscosity and poor fluidity, the oil pump supply is insufficient.

▶At the same time, the oil on the original cylinder wall flows down the cylinder wall after stopping.

▶Therefore, at the start of the moment can not be as good as the normal working lubrication, resulting in the start of the cylinder wear greatly increased.

▶Therefore, the initial start, the engine should be idled for a few laps, until the friction surface is lubricated before starting.

▶After starting, idle operation should be heated up. It is strictly prohibited to blast the oil port. Start again when the oil temperature reaches 40℃.

▶Start should adhere to the low-speed gear, and step by step each gear to drive a distance, until the oil temperature is normal, can turn to normal driving.

2.Choose lubricating oil correctly

▶It is necessary to choose the best viscosity lubricating oil strictly in accordance with the requirements of season and engine performance.

▶don't purchase inferior lubricating oil at will, and often check and maintain the quantity and quality of lubricating oil.

▶Ensure adequate supply of "nutrients" during cylinder liner movement.

3.Strengthen the maintenance of the filter

▶It is very important to keep the air filter, oil filter and fuel filter in good working condition to reduce the wear of the cylinder liner.

▶Preventing mechanical impurities from entering the cylinder and reducing cylinder wear is an important measure to extend the service life of the engine.

▶Keeping your engine clean is an important step in the maintenance of your engine system. Don't neglect it.

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